iTahp’s Top 5 Top Champion Picks

As some of you may know, I main Top Lane. I’ve created my Top 5, Top Lane Champion Picks, and a few reasons why I play them.

shyvana[1]Shyvana – Yes, Shyvana top. In some aspects, yea she’s not too hot top lane but given proper runes, masteries and summoner spells, she can be just what you’re looking for. I love her poke potential; Burnout to close the gap, throw a Flame Breath on the way, a quick Twin Bite to a few auto attacks, you’ll be able to get away quickly with some nice damage done. Repeat X amount of times until you’re ult, Dragon’s Descent, is ready. With my Exh/Ign combo i can go in, do the deed, and literally fly away when their jungle is too late to help :) . When it comes to Dragon Form, stay in the middle of everything for maximum damage output. For runes, i go Atk Speed Marks, Flat Armor Seal, MR per/lvl Glyphs, and Flat Atk Quins. My masteries are 9/17/3, going for the increased atk sp in offense and increased mvmt sp from Wanderer in utility.


shyvana-fury-of-the-dragonborn[1]Passive: Fury of the Dragonborn

- Shyvana’s melee attacks enhance her abilities.

shyvana-twin-bite[1]Q – Twin Bite

- A 2 for 1 whammy. Gives double the attack damage in one fell swoop.

shyvana-burnout[1]W – Burnout

- Basically, run in, do your thing and get out before Burnout ends.

shyvana-flame-breath[1]E – Flare Breath

- Doesn’t do much but provides some one on one dominance.

shyvana-dragons-descent[1]R – Dragon’s Descent

- Activate to fly into battle and chunk their team. Or save it for the perfect getaway.


jarvan-iv[1]Jarvan IV – A classic pick of mine, Jarvan IV provides a tank, bruiser, and great support throughout the game. With his Q: Dragon Strike, building Armor Pen will truly make you the Exemplar of Demacia. My masteries build is similar to Shyvana’s, but my runes are no where near. I go Armor Pen Marks and Quins, Flat Armor Seals and Flat Mana Regen Glyphs. 19 Armor Pen lvl 1 just from runes is pretty scary, not to mention his passive, Martial Cadence, will provide some hefty damage output. With all these passive sources of chunkage, it will allow you to build for sustain, making your top lane experience breeze by. Try maxing your Q and E: Demacian Standard equally to keep your damage + sustain managed properly. Early game, a combination of E, Q, W with your ult Cataclysm, it’s a guaranteed kill.


jarvan-iv-martial-cadence[1]Passive: Martial Cadence

- First basic attack deals bonus damage. Cannot occur again for a short duration.

jarvan-iv-dragon-strike[1]Q – Dragon Strike

- A nice armor % reduction to allow some serious beatdowns.

jarvan-iv-golden-aegis[1]W – Golden Aegis

- Blocks some damage but an AoE slow is always great to have.

jarvan-iv-demacian-standard[1]E – Demacian Standard

- Provides great AoE stats to your team, and OP when combined w your Dragon Strike.

jarvan-iv-cataclysm[1]R – Cataclysm

- Always save until they use their flash, then there’s no escape.


irelia[1]Irelia – First and foremost, even if Irelia gets countered in your top lane, there IS still hope. Irelia’s skill lies in mid to late game. Early game always, always focus on creep score. You have the ability to jump in, jump out and stun/slow if shit gets sloppy so dont be affraid to take a little damage. Maxing your W: Hiten Style will grant you a little breathing room from your opponent if they know what’s best, use this to get your creep. I mainly use her ult, Transcendent Blade’s, for pushing waves since the cd is very short for an ultimate. Building Irelia can be difficult given team composition, but my base set of runes for top lane  (refer to Shyvana’s runes) can grant decent stats for whatever build you’re looking for. Masteries are 9/21/0, making sure to unlock Relentless and Tenacious in Defence to maximize the effectiveness of Irelia’s passive, Ionian Fervor.


irelia-ionian-fervor[1]Passive: Ionian Fervor

- Gains tenacity for each nearby enemy.

irelia-bladesurge[1]Q – Bladesurge

- Great for focusing on cs, allows a refresh for a killed enemy. Also applies on-hit-effects.

irelia-hiten-style[1]W – Hiten Style

- Grants true damage and health regen from auto attacks.

irelia-equilibrium-strike[1]E – Equilibrium Strike

- Extremely useful for ganks or just getting away. A stun/slow plus tenacity is just ridiculous.

irelia-transcendent-blades[1]R – Transcendent Blades

- I mainly use this for minion waves, clears em’ pretty nice. In team fights, this allows for a little health regen or last hitting that pesky escapee.


rumble[1]Rumble – Oh rumble, you annoying little prick lol. My all time fav top pick would have to be Rumble. Any champ that doesnt rely on mana is ok in my book. Unlocking my E: Electro Harpoon first automatically gives your team the advantage for an invade. Once Rumble hits level 3, he has some of the best early poke in the game. Manage your Heat properly and you’ll have yourself a lil field day! Harpoon’em when you get the chance, but try not to focus on minions with his Q: Flamespitter or you’ll be on the wrong end of the lane all game. His OP W: Scrap Shield also grants movement speed in addition to a shield so initiate’s and disengagements are second nature. My #1 ability with Rumble is his R: The Equalizer, allowing presence in any team fight, whether you’re there or not. My rune choice’s are Magic Pen Marks, because you’re still a mage, Flat Armor Seals, Flat AP Glyphs, 1 Flat HP Quin and 2 Flat AP Quins. Masteris 9/17/3.


rumble-junkyard-titan[1]Passive: Junkyard Titan

- Enhanced spells when above 50% heat. When overheated, basic attacks deal bonus magic damage.

rumble-flamespitter[1]Q – Flame Spitter

- Awesome AoE damage, especially when above 50% heat.

rumble-scrap-shield[1]W – Scrap Shield

- Perfect for taking inital damage when initiating, and a quick movement speed burst when running away.

rumble-electro-harpoon[1]E – Electro Harpoon

- Not 1, but 2 slows. Reduces movement speed and does a fair amount of damage.

rumble-the-equalizer[1]R – The Equilizer

- Deals damage in a line, use to cut off escape routes. In combination with Rylais, allow some flawless team fights.


trundle[1]Trundle – Last but not least, my Trundle. Now, many people are shocked when a Trundle calls top but you have to think, everyone one of Trundle’s abilities allow complete lane dominance. His passive, Decompose, will make Health Potion’s obsolete. Not only does your Q give you more atk damage, if rips some from your opponent as well, in a similar version to steroids. With his W: Contaminate, stunning/slowing/fearing etc will be worthless in team fights with the size of the ability. That stupid Nidalee running away in brush? Block the exit with your E! Any shorter of a cd and it’d be OP. Finally his ult, Agony, literally turns you into a damage absorbing machine while dishing out some serious clobberin’. Always try and build tanky because he can PASSIVELY deal damage w.o items. My runes are similar to Jarvan IV, sticking with Armor Pen, and building tanky in masteries with a 9/21/0 build.


trundle-decompose[1]Passive: Decompose

- Whenever a unit near trundle dies, he gains a percent of their maximum health back.

trundle-rabid-bite[1]Q – Rabid Bite

- A nice chunk dealer. Get attack damage while draining your enemies’.

trundle-contaminate[1]W – Contaminate

- In combination with tenacity, it’ll be your little playground!

trundle-pillar-of-filth[1]E – Pillar of Filth

- Impassable terrain is great on any champ, especially when it slows as well.

trundle-agony[1]R – Agony

- Focus this on the enemy tanks. Steals health, armor % and MR to keep you in battle.


One last reason why I choose these 5 champs, is simply because they excel in more than just one lane. It’s always best to learn different positions just to make sure if you get stuck with trolls :)

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